David Michael George-With roots firmly planted in high energy Rock, Soul, Funk & Blues, first note to last, 1,000 Yard Stare is an album full of heartfelt blues-rock, sharp as a needle, delivering DMG’s message of perseverance straight to the heart of his listeners. Born in Garland, Texas, DMG was raised on a steady diet of Joe Cocker, James Brown, Prince, and Al Green, influences that brightly shine through his brand of Southern musical gumbo, like a booty-shaking badge of honor, an eclectic, awe-inspiring, mix of gospel infused blues, modern funk, and soulful Roots-Rock.

“David Michael George is a gift ……  He’s proven again and again that he can write and perform music that pulls you in on the first note and doesn’t let you go.  1,000 Yard Stare is nothing short of magnificent.  It’s just beautiful.” Angela Chase (radio personality 97.1 & 100.3 Dallas, TX)

“Packed tight with Gospel, roots rock and horn sections; David Michael George’s new LP, “1,000 Yard Stare” was built to shine on vinyl. But it’s George’s crisp, honestly soulful delivery which really puts this record on repeat.” Dustin Blocker (Chief Creative Executive @ Handdrawn Records)